Disney Dollars

by Lori on February 17, 2011

Disney is a money pit. Tons of great souvenirs and toys totally screaming to the kids “BUY ME!” I knew this ahead of time from friends and  how their kids wanted everything in sight!

Then I saw a blog post by Resourceful Mommy about how to deal with the Disney Souvenir trap and she mentioned something called Disney Dollars. It sounded perfect!

We printed some of these cute Mickey Dollar Bills a couple weeks before our trip and told the kiddos that if they behaved, did their chores without arguments, etc. they would get 1 Disney Dollar for each good behavior. We explained that this was their spending money at the park. It would be the only money they would get to buy souvenirs that they really wanted so they needed to earn it and then spend it wisely.

They waited till we went to Downtown Disney our last night there to spend their treaured Mickey Dollars. It was a great way to teach the kids about good behavior and rewards and also about saving! Plus we didn’t hear a lot of “I want that!” while we were at the parks, the kids knew ahead of time they had money and they wanted to really wait to decide if they really really wanted/needed it!

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Lori is a homeschooling mom to 3 kiddos. When they are not on a learning adventure, she is shuttling kids from their baseball/softball practices, learning about essential oil, making travel dream lists, and trying new foods.

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