Produce Preparation

by Lori on January 7, 2011

The discussion of vegetable preparations came up on twitter this morning with my Mamavation gang.

I thought I would do a post letting you guys know what I do. Now, what I do might not work for everyone but this works for me. If you have a suggestion or better idea I am all ears! We are all learning here.

1. Wash all your produce when you get it home from the store. This does not apply to your produce you leave out in your fruit bowl for example. Just wash those babies before you eat. Also, do NOT wash your berries before you put them in the fridge! Only wash those right before you eat them. If you wash them too early, they wont last as long. I usually grab a handful then run them under the water right before I eat them. Easy. I wash my grapes and put them into snack size bags for easy access. Yes this means I pull each one off the vine but its easier on me and the kids if they want a snack to just grab one and go!

2. Cut your produce ahead of time for quick easy snacks and meals. Celery, carrots, cucumbers can be cut into snack sizes to grab on the go. I put these in snack size bags so we have a quick snack to grab instead of reaching for something else! You can do this with big items too, like broccoli. I however do not do this with things like zucchini, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, etc. I always slice my bell peppers into strips. If I am making a meal where I need them diced rather than sliced then they just get a quick chop.

3. Put a paper towel in the zip lock bag with your veggies to absorb any moisture. The only time I actually wet the paper towel is when I have parsley and cilantro. I wrap the damp paper towel around the bottom of the herbs and then place it into the bag.

These tips will help you get your dinner on the table faster, choose a healthier snack, and help keep your produce fresher longer. I usually have to restock fruits and veggies weekly but that is because we eat A LOT of them!!!

If you have any other tips or advice please share them in the comment area below!

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Jen Zahm January 7, 2011 at 10:31 am

YAY! This is what I lovingly refer to as my “Shop & Chop” process… this all gets done right after I go to get groceries. It is a great timesaver! Good job, Mama! ♥


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