Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

by Lori on March 28, 2013

Looking for some ideas to keep your kiddos happy this summer?

Take a look at my list of 100 ideas. Most are free but there are a few in there that will require some cash and planning! Some also seem so simple and some are for indoor when it might actually be a rainy summer day.

The most important thing is to take some time away from the things you think “need” to be done around the house and enjoy your kids. They will not remember if you had a clean house but they will remember the time you spent with them, no matter what you guys are doing!


Summer Fun with Kids

  1. Head to the library for story time and check out a few new books
  2. Sprinkler fun in the yard
  3. Tye Dye shirts for the entire family to wear to the beach one day
  4. Travel to your local beach
  5. Camp out in the backyard
  6. Go for a hike
  7. Go Fishing
  8. Lego Building Contest
  9. Make homemade chalk
  10. Have a sidewalk chalk art show
  11. Scavenger hunt for nature items
  12. Stargazing
  13. Have a PJ day complete with a sundae bar.
  14. Make smores over a campfire in your backyard
  15. Plan a trip to the zoo
  16. Plan a trip to the aquarium
  17. Attend a professional baseball game. Minor or Major league.
  18. Play a game of kickball in your backyard
  19. Go to the museum
  20. After your trip to the museum, have the kids make their own works of art.
  21. Go Berry picking
  22. Attend your church VBS or find a church to go to for this fantastic event
  23. Write a pen pal
  24. Write a missionary
  25. Set up a lemonade stand and send the money to a charity of your choice
  26. Volunteer in your local community
  27. Lowes Kid workshop
  28. Michaels kids crafts
  29. Go Geo-caching
  30. Water balloon fight
  31. Nerf gun fight
  32. Bake and decorate cookies/cupcakes
  33. Bake muffins and take to your neighbors
  34. Home Depot Kids workshop
  35. Make safe sidewalk paint and have another art show!
  36. Fly a kite
  37. Take pictures of your kids in a field with flowers
  38. Take pictures of your kids on the beach
  39. Make a Bead Cross necklace
  40. Make homemade playdough
  41. Have a picnic at your local park
  42. Take your dogs to the dog park
  43. Go bowling
  44. Go skating or ice skating
  45. Have a sponge ball fight
  46. Go to a flea market
  47. Go to a farmers market
  48. Make pasta necklaces
  49. Make potato stamps and make a card for grandparents
  50. Obstacle course in your backyard
  51. Play board games
  52. Make your own bouncy ball
  53. Visit the local fire station
  54. Freezer Baggie Ice Cream
  55. Have a costume party
  56.  Build Marshmallow structures
  57. Make sidewalk paint
  58. Finger Paints
  59. Family movie night
  60. Paint flower pots
  61. Have a tea party
  62. Play Bingo
  63. Go through toys and make a donation to the children’s and women’s shelter
  64. Make blessing bags for the homeless
  65. Have a neighborhood BBQ party
  66. Have your kids plan dinner and help them cook it
  67. Have a picnic in your living room
  68. Go to a drive in movie
  69. Recycle crayons and make some new crayons!
  70. Have a puzzle day
  71. Have friends over for a sundae bar and movies!
  72. Mom with all girls? Home spa day!
  73. Play in the mud
  74. Dance in the rain
  75. Make sock puppets and put on a show!
  76. Buy some cheap white fabric type shoes and decorate with sharpies.
  77. Local neighborhood pool or YMCA
  78. Find a local festival in your town and attend.
  79. Flashlight tag in the dark
  80. Plant some new flowers
  81. Help tend to the garden
  82. Make friendship bracelets
  83. Visit a new park
  84. Feed ducks
  85. Banana Split Party
  86. Make a Vision board with magazine clippings
  87. Putt Putt Golf
  88. Watch sunset
  89. Water Park
  90. Movie outside
  91. Shaving Cream Fight
  92. Take a road trip
  93. Put together a family time capsule and bury it in your backyard.
  94. Family bike ride
  95. Family walk after dinner
  96. Have a garage sale. Teach kids about counting money, etc
  97. Have a fondue night
  98. Make a water blob
  99. Visit daddy at his office and take him to lunch
  100. Visit a bookstore for story time
  101. Play school. Do not let the whole summer go by without having your kids read or write! Learning opportunities are everywhere!


I hope this list gets your creative juice flowing and also makes your summer one that your kids will never forget!

I would love to hear any additional ideas you guys have in the comments below!

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Lori is a homeschooling mom to 3 kiddos. When they are not on a learning adventure, she is shuttling kids from their baseball/softball practices, learning about essential oil, making travel dream lists, and trying new foods.

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