Cinderella Movie Review #Cinderella

by Lori on March 16, 2015

** Post Written by My Kinda Rain Contributor, Tauyna Blanco.


Disney Cinderella

When my daughters and I first saw the trailer for Disney’s new Cinderella movie, we all 3 squealed with excitement!  Growing up Cinderella was one of my favorite movies. I loved how as a young girl it made me feel like dreams really could come true.

Well, Disney has not only made me feel that all over again it has done so much more for my daughter who went and reviewed this movie with me. The story keeps up with the original almost perfectly, but the message is so much more than just finding your one true love. It’s about how life can be cruel sometimes and not seem fair. But what really matters is how you handle it. My favorite quote in the movie is “have courage and be kind” Cinderella’s mother tells her this right before her death.

Throughout the movie as Cinderella is mistreated she hears her mother’s voice repeating those words. She is full of grace in times when most of would rather just lash out in anger and fear. Prince Charming is not only charming but the relationship between him and his father (the King) is so touching. He is filled with respect and love for his father and his father returns that in a beautiful way by changing tradition and allows him to marry for love.

Isn’t that what life and love should always be about?

Having courage during our moments of fear, being kind in our moments of anger, and changing for those we love. This was a beautiful movie and a wonderful lesson for not only my daughter but also for me. We will be purchasing this movie as soon as we can and we will be watching it in theater again.

May all your dreams come true and if not, may you have courage and be kind.

Cinderella is in theaters NOW!


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