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by Lori on December 1, 2014

If you are like me when you go on vacation, you plan to EAT.

When you sail with Carnival there is no shortage of food and you can eat 24 hours a day if you wish!


The Carnival Magic is no exception to this cardinal rule of food and vacation.



1. Lido Marketplace- The place to get your buffet on! The menu plan rotates and is always tasty! Also, outdoor by the pool area is where you can get your traditional hamburgers and hotdogs! Perfect for those kiddos who do not have an adventurous palette.

2. Pizza Bar- My 5 year old probably consumed 5 pizzas total all by himself from the pizza bar the whole trip!

3. Northern/Southern Lights- This is where your “fancy” dinners will take place and if you are wanting a nice sit down dinner with your family. My oldest loved this place! What other restaurant do you know that allows a 12 year old to pick the lobster off the menu with no questions asked!

4. Oceans Plaza salad bar- For those health conscious people or just someone looking for a lighter lunch!

5. Oceans Plaza Sandwich bar- It was nice to go grab a hot panini when we had our fill of burgers!

6. Lido Deck Pool Sandwich Bar

7. Room Service- available 24 hours a day!

8. Prime Steakhouse =$ This is an extra feature but let me tell you, it was beyond tasty! Also, when they have the cooking demonstration on board make sure you attend! It was a lot of fun, allows you to sample the food, and also make your reservations!


9. Luca Italiano =$- Also an extra charge. This means it is not included in the other dining options on ship. A nice option when you want something different or perhaps a “Date night” on board.

10. Red Frog Pub- Great place for drinks and little bar snacks!

So as you can see, there will be no shortage of food while you are on your Carnival vacation. Your toughest decision on vacation should be what to have for dinner!



**Disclosure: I was sent on a cruise aboard the Carnival Magic to help facilitate all reviews of the ship. No monetary compensation was exchanged. All opinions expressed are my own.

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