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by Lori on April 1, 2014

**This post was written by an associate of My Kinda Rain, Caylene Knox. Caylene is a homeschooling mom who live in Houston, TX. Caylene attended a prescreening of Pirate Fairy to help facilitate this review. No other monetary compensation was made and all opinions expressed are 100% her own.


THE PIRATE FAIRY featuring the voice talent of Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, Tom Hiddleston Lucy Lui, Raven Symone, Megan Hilty and Anjelica Huston. Yes, Tom Hiddleston SINGS!


A tribute to female solidarity and girl power, an included nod to Peter Pan’s origins, this movie was a feel good movie with a happy ending; great for kids ages 5-8.  The lead, Zarina, works as a dust keeper by day, and by night a forbidden scientist trying to get the most out of Fairy dust as possible. When an experiment goes horribly wrong she leaves Pixie Hollow in disgrace and joins a human band of Pirates.  Among the crew is a cabin boy with a secret agenda.  He makes Zarina feel useful and wanted for her alchemist talents, but ultimately turns on her after the Pirates go to Pixie Hollow for nefarious purposes.  Tinker Bell and her fellow Fairies see Zarina sabotage Pixie Hollow and follow her in their quest to return the blue pixie dust to its rightful place.  By the end, all the Fairies come together and are triumphant over the degenerate pirates. 
Walking into this movie, I expected a typical direct to DVD Disney release, however I found myself pleasantly surprised with the animation, attention to detail, brief pokes at Peter Pan and overall, the story line.  There were a few areas where I found myself disappointed; how quickly the movie moved from one brief point to the next, the lack of depth of the friendships between the Fairies, and how there was no discussion or storyline on what took place during the year that Zarina was gone.  There was no questioning where Zarina was for that year, how Pixie Hollow found her missing, or what they did to look for her (if they even did).  Yet, throughout the story she was always considered one of them and ultimately welcomed back with open arms, missed and loved for who she was and all her preciousness.
Pirate Fairy is now available on DVD!

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