How Did Our First Semster Homeschooling Go and What I Have Learned #Homeschool

by Lori on January 7, 2014

Well, it has officially been 6 months since we became a homeschooling family.

It is crazy to think we survived those 6 months. We definitely had some hard times through those 6 months. Many times I wanted to throw in the towel. I wanted to say, “I can’t take this anymore!” and enroll those kids right back into public school. It took a lot of praying and a lot of whining to friends who home school to make it through those days. Sometimes they happened one day a week or for the whole week. And I never knew when they would happen. I could wake up in a fantastic mood and ready to take on the day and the kids were not having it.


I always had to stop and remember why I was doing this. Why I had chosen this path for our family. I decided to home school for my children. They are the reason I continue to breathe. I am doing this for them. They deserve the best and while I may want to rip my hair out on some days, they deserve the best and for me that means giving them myself.

homeschoolcollageLess pics of M, she is older now and doesn’t like her picture being taken all the time.

As we have gotten to know each other on a teacher/student level it has taught me some valuable lessons about my kids and how they learn, act, etc.  It has also helped me find ways to help C-man with his SPD and ADD. At first I tried to keep things close to public school. We had school desks, we had strict schedules, etc. It was NOT working. He needed routine but he needed to be himself. This meant getting up and running a circle between the kitchen/livingroom/school room. It meant that he needed to take brain breaks for frequently. I also learned that he hated handwriting. He actually hated having to use a pencil for a long period of time period. For his SPD, I was able to control sounds and also experiment with him more on foods. He just seems like a whole new kid since we began this journey.

So as we head into our last semester for this year, I look back at what amazing things I have learned in our very first 6 months.

  • Some days it is pefectly ok to do zero school work. These days are usually needed by mom and kids.
  • We all have bad days. If a homeschooling parent tells you differently, they are lying and you need to find a new resource/support person.
  • There are good days. Amazingly perfect days. All the kids get along, focus on their school work, finished in record time, and then ask if YOU need help with any of your house work.
  • No homeschool life looks the same. I am still working on this. I see what other families are doing and I think, ” We probably need to be doing this.”, but I have to remember that we are all different. All kids are different. All homes are different. All moms are different.
  • You don’t have to learn what you think they are learning in public schools. We do a lot of math at the grocery store, weighing produce, etc. That is a learning opportunity! When its raining cats and dogs outside, talk about the weather and how rain is made. Cooking is a teaching moment! Do not think you have to open a book to learn!
  • Join a Co-Op! Our Co-Op is amazing!!! We have Friday School, where the moms teach the classes and kids get to pick which ones to take each semester. We take field trips, Activities with our kids age group, and we have Mom’s Night Outs!
  • Have fun. Laugh at each other. Laugh with each other. Smile often.


I still do not have this homeschooling thing figured out, but I think so far I have done a pretty good job. My kids have not asked once to go back to public school.  To me, that means I am winning this race. They may get bored or tired of each other but they have never once asked to leave the home and go back to public school. That means I am doing something right!


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Elizabeth January 8, 2014 at 4:42 pm

I read this and I read your “reasons why” and it sounds like you are doing everything right! You are so, so right about good days and bad. We’ve had lots of good days lately. Then, today, I cried on my husband’s shoulder and told him I was certain I was ruining my daughter and ruining our relationship and she was going to hate me forever and never be able to get a good job and be doomed because I can’t teach her basic math. He kissed me on the head and told me, “tomorrow will be better.” And I know he’s right. And I know, in the long run, that this is what’s best for her and for our whole family.


Lori January 8, 2014 at 4:44 pm

Exactly. I have had many of those “Cry on the shoulder” moments. I am glad to hear I am not alone! 😉


Tonya {The Traveling Praters} January 8, 2014 at 5:08 pm

My kids were never in public school so homeschooling wasn’t a big adjustment for us. It was still very difficult at times but so worth it. Two of my kids have now graduated and my baby is finishing up this year. You can do it.


Lori January 8, 2014 at 5:09 pm

Thank you!

I have a little one who goes to our church preschool now but I will start homeschooling him this fall. I think I am more nervous for that!


Ellen Christian January 8, 2014 at 5:20 pm

I home schooled my son for a few years when he was younger so I totally understand how you feel!


Mel {MamaBuzz} January 9, 2014 at 3:32 pm

I kinda had a moment like this yesterday, trying to teach my oldest how to outline notes for a research paper. I finally grabbed our book, we went into his room and just kinda hung out and worked our way through the outline, taking our time. There are definitely trying days where I don’t know if I can do this, especially through high school. But then we have those light bulb moments and those moments together where we are learning but chit chatting at the same time, and those moments are worth every trying second. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You can do this.:)


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