First Week of #Homeschool Complete

by Lori on August 9, 2013

Week 1 of Home school is complete.

We survived.



At least it felt that way one day this week.

I was told there would be good days. I was told there would be bad days.

The good days made my heart feel full. It felt like I was doing it exactly right. The way God intended this to be.

The bad day was totally different. I felt drained. Defeated. I really wanted to give up and yes it had only been 2 days into this journey.

I really felt like I was screwing everything up.

I listened to so many people and so many ideas about how their home school day went but what it came down to was the fact that my family was different.

My family needed the ease of waking up when they wanted, some time to get woken up, and the freedom to say “I need a break!”.

This part was difficult for me as I am a create of routine and schedule. This was the part where I had to let go because it was not about me, it was about the kids. Yes, my son needs to have a schedule of some sort but he also needed the freedom to say, “I want to do it a little bit different today”. This is why I made his visual schedule with magnets, so he could make the adjustments he wanted/needed.

I also learned how each of my kids likes to do things. Reading, writing, and of course quiet time. You would think as a mom I would know these things but once you begin “teaching” them, it becomes a whole new ball game.  M needs quiet. C likes to repeat what you say as well as what he is thinking as he is writing. So having them try to do work together in the same room can sometimes be difficult for M especially. I am going to start allowing her to remove herself from the school room to get her quiet time work done while I work with C-man. This should help her when she needs a super quiet room and still allow C the need to repeat things as he works.

M enjoys being able to get up from her seat to look at the maps and globe when we are doing history and geography. I printed a map for her to look at while she is at her desk but the being able to get up and look and touch really helps her “see” it better.

C-man HATES handwriting with passion. This includes English, Writing, Spelling….anything where he has to write. It is his least favorite thing to do. I am not sure why. His handwriting needs some work but the minute I bring out the handwriting book, he cries. I have to figure out a way to work on his handwriting and make it so he doesn’t dread it every day. For spelling this week, it helped that I only had him write his words once and then use our magnet letters to spell the words out. If anyone has any tips on this, I would appreciate it!


They really enjoyed the walk in the mornings. Even if it was blazing hot early on in the day. This really started their day off on the right foot. Also, the bad day we had…….we did NOT take a family walk that day…..just saying.  I won’t make that mistake again, and I purchased a fun looking kids yoga dvd for days the weather will not allow us to get our walk in.



Do I think our first week of homeschooling was successful? Yes, I do. Every day when hubby came home from work and asked how it went, the kids all said how much fun they had at home. While there may have been tears and yes even some yelling, I really believe they enjoyed this week.

Let’s hope there are more good days than the bad in the future!

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Rachel @RunningRachel August 9, 2013 at 7:16 pm

When you are following the LORD’s prompting … you ARE doing the right thing! <3 We knew going into homeschooling that it wasn't going to be easy… but it was going to be the right thing for our children… for our family 😉

I agree. The first FEW MONTHS are hard. LOTS of tweaking of the routine, schedule, and even tip toeing around cranky kids (or mommy!!). That is the beauty of homeschooling. No two days HAVE to be the exact same.

You just find out what works for you… your kids.. and go with it! 🙂

Heck, you might do Bible or History TOGETHER as a group lesson before bed … WITH DADDY!? (if that is his strong subject).

You might do math … {gasp} on the road while grocery shopping.

The important thing is YOU GET IT. You DID survive. You DID have a successful week. The kids were not screaming to be let loose from Mommy's 'evil school'.

YOU did great!! PROUD OF YOU!

I start next week… 2nd grade, kindergarten and preschool. Let OUR adventure begin for the year. Good times 😉

Rachel @RunningRachel´s last blog post ..Fun with Handstand Friday


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