When Life Interrupts Life: Part 2

by Lori on May 30, 2014

If you remember from my previous post, I have been out of commission due to 4 herniated discs in my neck.


I had my first set of injections on May 8th. This was unreal. Who knew you had to be put to sleep to have injections put into your neck? But I was, knocked out cold. I did not need a breathing tube however, I was  just put to sleep enough where when I woke up the last thing I remember was moving onto a different table in a operating room.

The injections happened with no real issues. The pain that was there afterwards was just like I had surgery or something. Dull pain that if I moved a certain way it would be come sharp. I was told that I could not lift ANYTHING. Not even a bag of sugar.

Do you guys realize how hard it is to remember that you can not lift anything that weighs more than your cell phone? Your laptop? How was I suppose to get housework done? What was I suppose to do if my 5 year old fell down and hurt himself and needed me to pick him up and cuddle?

I did what I was told. I let the house go, waited for hubby to do the laundry, sent him to the grocery store and prayed he picked up the right items. I know it is not good to be controlling, but I was so out of control it was killing me. I had never felt more out of control of something in my entire life. This was almost as bad as the 3 weeks of bed rest I had when I was pregnant with Jake.

I finally got approval for physical therapy from my insurance and I picked the closest place to our house and made my appointment. The first one was just the assessment, so she could see what I could and could not do. The PT was SHOCKED at how LITTLE I could do. I have no reflexes in my arms. When they tap my elbows with that little rubber hammer, nothing happens. Same on my wrists. No movement. I could barely push her hands up and away from me. Little to no strength in my arms. She could not believe how bad this was.

I just finished my second week of physical therapy and I feel strong. I am finally able to lift my arms above my head to stretch. I can now lift my left arm above my head to sleep. The right arm is still fighting me on this, but I am not pushing it either. It is rather painful to try to make your arms do something they don’t want to do. I have 15 minutes on a traction machine, 4 exercises that I do for 3 minutes each, and then she gives me a nice rub on my neck and shoulders before I am sent on my way. Sounds easy, right? I WISH it were as easy as it sounds.

I thought I was getting stronger. I really did. Little did I know, I have way more work ahead of me. I had my follow up with the neurosurgeon today. The good news is that I am getting a “little” better. His words. Not mine. The bad news? I need another round of injections and I might need a 3rd. I was sitting upright and so proud of the work I HAD accomplished up to this point. The minute he mentioned this, it immediately felt like I had been punched in the gut. The wind had been knocked out of me.

So here I am, preparing for my next round of injections next week. I am not scared. I kinda feel like its a “been there. done that.” moment. I am however completely devastated that I am not as well as I thought. I feel like it is a one step forward and ten steps back thing. I am also devastated that I keep setting our family back financially. You see, my neurosurgeon is on my insurance plan but the hospital where he has privileges is not. This means it is out of network and that equals to out of pocket money for me. It also means I am sort of back to square one physically. The injections are no biggy but they take me out for a day or two. That means for 2 days I will be useless to my family. I hate that feeling.

So today, as I update you on what is going on, I ask you to pray for family. For their strength to put up with another setback with my health.


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Dotty May 31, 2014 at 12:56 am

Hugs sweetie, praying for you. I can’t even begin to understand what you’re going through. Keep your chin up…your still a super mom, I get tired just reading everything you do. Your amazing and remember where there is a will there is a way.


Nanette ~ A Mom Blog June 9, 2014 at 6:13 pm

Thinking of you Lori. I hope things get better for you soon. Hang in there!


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