Madefire App: The Future of Comics

by Lori on May 29, 2015



We all love sitting down with a great comic and flipping through it, but with all things going digital, even comic books have transitioned to mobile. With recent developments, it looks like comic books are just going to get better, and it all starts with Madefire’s mobile app.

Madefire is pioneering in the sense that it breaks the norms of how comic books are presented. Instead of simply leaving the action to the reader’s imagination, Madefire moves pictures and plays sounds in order to properly portray the atmosphere that the storyteller wants to create. Madefire uses 360 degrees panoramic views, and clear and timely sound effects to transport readers deeper into story worlds.



Check out the sample video of how the app works below.

Mobile apps are getting more and more groundbreaking thanks to the new features that smartphones get with every update. Apps, unlike before, have become something more than tools for playing games, which isn’t very surprising given the fact that millions of users are switching from desktop to mobile, as stated by the company that manages Spin Genie. Madefire is proof of what mobile apps today are capable of when it comes to utilizing the latest in technology.



Madefire is supported by DC — one of the biggest comic book publishers in the world — so readers can experience their favorite action heroes like Superman, Green Arrow, The Flash, and many others on an entirely different platform. Fans of Batman will appreciate this app as the Batman: Arkham Origins arc has a first-of-its-kind Motion Book version that is exclusive for this app. Apart from DC, Madefire is also supported by many other comic book publishers so users can literally turn their devices into a portable comic book library.


Users of Madefire receive weekly specials so if you’re a fan of comic books and would want to look forward to something new regularly, give this app a try. It’s free for both iOS and Android users!


**Disclosure: This article is a guest post.

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