My Wake Up Call #fitfluential

by Lori on April 9, 2012

I have been struggling lately.

My once toned and healthy body is now the one thing I did not want to see again.

My arms are flabby. The start of some abs I once had are now hidden by a few rolls. My energy level and love for being outside playing with my kids is gone.

I am tired all the time. I am pretty much lazy. Working out is the LAST thing I want to do and eating right has taken a back seat as well.

My once go with the flow schedule is now gone with constant running around and sitting at  my desk working too many hours.

I am not at my heaviest weight I once was but I am at a weight that I do not like. I really just want my toned body back. I want my energy back. I want to feel like I could move a mountain. I want to feel like myself again.

One of my big issues is emotional eating. Eating out of boredom or stress. I need to realize when I am truely hungry and not bored or worried about something I have no control over.


With my food intake I plan to eat more veggies and fruit of course. I also want to eat less meat. I had done well at not eating much at all in the past, but I have slipped lately and that is another thing I my body can feel. I feel so much better when I eat less meat. I plan to spend some time today portioning my snacks out and putting them in bins for easy access. I do this for the kids already but like most moms, I tend to forget about myself.


The next thing I plan to work on is my exercise plan. I recently acquired a treadmill. I plan to use it for my cardio. I have found a few interval training programs so I need to add those in. I have hand weights and some circuit training I have used before to help get done so I plan to work those in. I also know that I get bored with exercise. I have a ton of workout dvd’s ready to keep it fresh and new and keep me going.

I will be logging my foot and fitness in myfitnesspal. You can look me up to follow me. My user name is gutimom.

I will need your help. I will need you to help keep me accountable. If you are on twitter, please tweet at me. Make sure I have gotten a workout in. Make sure I am drinking my water. Ask me about my snacks. Anything to keep me motivated and going. I will need as much accountability as possible to make sure I do this. I have lost 20lbs before so I know I can do it again. My goal this time is to lose 25lbs. It is possible but I need you to help keep me motivated.

Can you help make sure this mama does what she KNOWS she needs?

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Maria @ Lil Mys Ninja April 9, 2012 at 10:42 am

Good luck!!!! 🙂 you can do it!’
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