The 10 Things You Need to Pack for your Caribbean Cruise

by Lori on December 10, 2014

This September my family and I headed off to the Caribbean on board the Carnival Magic.



We had been counting down the days. We made our list and we checked it twice.

Once we started packing we soon realized we needed a few more key items ! These items were needed and a big help on aboard the ship!


Here are a few items that were a great additional to the normal vacation packing list!

1. Surge Protectors– to charge cameras, phones, walkie talkies, etc

2. Over the Door Shoe Organizer– This was awesome in the bathroom where we put all our shampoo, sunscreen bottles, etc

3. Refillable Water Bottles– These were a life saver and much easier to carry on board than a case of water. We just filled them up each night and also before getting off the ship.

4. Wrinkle Releaser– There are no irons on the ship so this helped those nice clothes you pack for the Captain’s Dinners not look like they had been rolled in a suitcase for a couple days. You can find the small bottles in the travel section at Target.

5. A GOOD Water Camera– I used this camera MORE than my nice DSLR that I took. Plus the kids could use this one and they did take the majority of the pics on it this trip.

6. Highlighter/pen– Each night the kids highlighted what they wanted to try and do on the ship. This helped us know what our day was going to look like.

7. Lanyards/hole punch- The hole punch was to punch your sail and sign card(not on the magnetic strip) and then wear it on the lanyard. Easy to find since it was around your neck and less likely to get lost! I had a friend make our lanyards but you can easily find them online and in different designs.

8. White Noise App on Phone- This helped drown out any loud noises out in the hallway when other passengers were not ready to sleep when my kiddos were!

9. sunscreen/bug spray – Sunscreen is a given when you are cruising to the bahamas but bug spray is good to have as well. If its rainy or has rained then the bugs are out! Also, if you do an excursion like hiking in the forest, you are going to want to have bug spray on hand!

10. Empty duffle bag to bring home souvenirs in– This was the golden ticket to getting everything we had bought on the 7 day cruise OFF the ship in one easy trip! You can do a small one or a big one with wheels but I really recommend bringing an empty bag to bring home the goodies you found on your trip!

Can you think of something that you have taken on a cruise that was a life saver?! 


Disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links. This means if you click and purchase said item, I get a little bit of pocket change to plan our next family vacation. It does not cost you anymore money. Also, my family and I were given the cruise package as a way to facilitate this and all reviews posted. No monetary compensation was exchanged and all opinions expressed are my own.

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Myra August 2, 2016 at 11:04 pm

Lori, these tips are fantastic! Thank you from one mom to another!


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