When Life Interrupts Life

by Lori on May 5, 2014

If you are a frequent reader of My Kinda Rain, first off I want to say Thank you.

I really do appreciate all my readers and those who continue to come back and read. I also really appreciate those who share my posts.

You guys are the reason I keep this blog going. I get emails from people who enjoy my family stories, my reviews of movies and hotels, and my recipes.


On April 22nd I woke up with horrible neck and shoulder pain. I chalked it up to sleeping wrong. I mean I had done NOTHING out of the ordinary to cause the pain. I went about my day, taking essential oils to help with the pain and while they did help I was still in pain. Using the oils helped me go about the day and continue to be there for the kids but deep down inside I was hurting.

By the time the evening came to an end on April 23rd and the kids were in bed, I was in tears. I could not sit up without being in pain and I most definately could not lay down without being in pain. I knew I had to go to the Emergency Room.

At the time we couldn’t get a hold of anyone to come sit with the kids so I told hubby to stay and I drove myself to the closest(and least favorite) emergency room. The one good side to this ER is that every time we have had to go a ER, we are seen almost immediately. And I happen to love they offer free valet service at the ER entrance.

I got checked in and the doc came in and did a neuro exam. He then proceeded to say he could not give me any meds to help with the pain right now since I was alone. Just then a friend contact me and said she would go sit with the kids(who were sleeping) so hubby could come to the ER and they could drug me to give me relief. During this time of waiting I went for a neck x-ray even though the ER doc KNEW it was a pinched nerve. He said they do not order MRI’s at that particular hospital. Why? Who knows but that is when I knew that I went to the wrong hospital because I knew that is what I needed with it being my nerves. Hubby showed up at they loaded me up with some muscle relaxers and pain meds and sent us on our way. They said if I was not better in a couple days to follow up with the doctor they recommended.

And of course, a few days past and I was not better. We looked up the doctor they referred me to and he was a HIP and KNEE doctor. Which those two things are CLEARLY close to the neck/shoulders.

After talking with my parents, we decide we would look for a neurosurgeon that accepted our insurance.  We made the appointment and the soonest he could see me was May 1st. We went in with the neck x-rays the ER took, but we knew that was NOT what he wanted and he was NOT happy that they did not do a MRI. So, he prescribed me better meds and ordered a MRI for the next day.

I had never had a MRI before but it was not that bad. Tests do not normally freak me out. It is the what if’s. And of course I had been all over WebMD so I was sure I was dying.

We walked out of the MRI place with the CD and headed back to the neurosurgeon. I am no doctor and could not read an x-ray or a MRI to save my life, but I knew he was taking a lot of time looking at all the images.





My fears were correct. It was not good.

Official diagnosis is Displacement of cervical invertebral discs without myelopathy and Brachial neuritis or radiculitis nos.


Displacement of a cervical intervertebral disc refers to protrusion or herniation of the disc between two adjacent bones (vertebrae) of the cervical spine in the neck (vertebrae C2 through C7).

My issue is with my vertebrae C3, C4, C5, and C6. So 4 discs are buldging in my neck causing me severe pain. What puzzles the doctors the most is that I have no had any trauma to the area at all. No reason for these discs, especially this many to have this issue.

Now, Brachial Neuritis is a Condition where there is a sudden onset of shoulder weakness and pain, thought to be due to a viral infection of the nerve roots in the cervical spine.


I have never heard of these terms until this past Friday. I had no idea what it meant or how they felt.

What I can tell you is that this is nothing like the pain or soreness from sleeping wrong. This pain is constant and unbearable at times. I have to fight back tears much of the time so I do not frighten the kids. Sometimes, even picking up a glass of water to get a drink is unbearable.


Our current course of action is Physical Therapy of the neck and arms PLUS injections to help reduce the inflammation in my cervical vertebrae. I have also been ordered to walk 10-20 minutes a day. You would not think walking would be a big deal, but it is painful.  Of course, I am waiting approval for both the therapy and injections from my insurance company so for now I am doing much of the same. Rest. Hydrate. Meds.

It took a very long time to write this post. I had to take many breaks. The pain to even type can be horrible. This is why I have not been posting much. Believe me though, I have been writing down the ideas as soon as they pop into my head so they will be ready for you guys once I am healed. Your prayer are so appreciated while we work through this.

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Rachel May 5, 2014 at 6:39 pm

Oh no!! Hugs and prayers!! Please let me know if there is anything I can do… From California to help


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