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by Lori on October 8, 2013

**Sponsored: No Monetary compensation was made for this post. I was given access to a Carnival Ship docked in Galveston, Texas for a few hours so I could facilitate this review.



This August my family and I were invited to come aboard the Carnival Cruise Magic to check out how family friendly the cruise ship was and to see WHY you should sail with Carnival on your next family vacation.



I made a Top 10 List on WHY you NEED to sail with Carnival on your next family vacation!

1. There are 24 Ships in Carnivals Fleet with 1,500 voyages a year! This means you are sure to find a ship that sails near you and also travels to a location you are dying to see!

2. Fun Ships 2.0 under went a $500 million Fleet-wide transformation. This includes features from Hasbro Games, EA Sports Guy Fieri and More!

3. Activities on the ship are planned for the whole week! That means when you board the ship you can plan your whole week on day 1, there is no need to wait and see what is going to happen each day on the ship! You can fly by the seat of your pants or plan your days on board to a T as soon as you get on the ship!

4. Youth Programs on every ship! There are programs for children age 2 years all the way to 17 years old! Camp Carnival is open from 8am-3am! Circle C(ages 12-14) and Club O2(ages 15-17) are open at noon until 1am! They also offer a camp Carnival Night Owl program from 10pm-3am. This program does cost extra but sometimes a night out with your significant other is worth it!

5. Truly a all inclusive vacation. No need to worry about your meals or activities for your kids! The only thing extra on these ships are alcoholic beverages,casino on board, shore excursions, and if you take advantage of the Night Owl program.

6. Family Friendly Ship. What cruise line do you know that has so many events and areas of the ship that are family friendly. Camp Carnival, Water Works, Putt Putt, and much more! The Carnival Magic has 5,500 sq ft dedicated to youth areas!

7. Adult only areas on board! Need a little alone time? Carnival has you covered. The ship has a dedicated area for Adults Only! We all love our children but sometimes we would like to sip that fruity drink away from the kids, right?

8. Carnival Cruise Lines has a Partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They have a event on board called Groove for St. Jude. All proceeds are sent to St. Jude. Last year, Carnival sent 3 million! How awesome is that!

9. Not just junk food is fed to your kids! Of course they have the fun stuff, chicken nuggets and quesadillas but they also offer turkey and cheese wraps, fruits, and vegetables. You can also set a limit on your child’s sail and sign card($75 a day) so they do not go overboard with beverages or in the candy shops on board!

10. A vacation your family will talk about for years to come! With so many things to do ON the SHIP, your children will probably never want to leave to explore the ports! And if they do, they get to experience different cultures so you can make your vacation not only fun but educational!



I can not wait to take my family on a Carnival Cruise! My kids are still talking about the fun they had while we were on board for the short time.



Have you ever been on a cruise? Have you ever taken your children on a cruise before?

May I will see you aboard a Fun Ship some day!

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txrunnermom October 14, 2013 at 10:46 am

The hubby and I went on a Carnival cruise about 10 years ago and had a blast. We just took the kids on a Disney Cruise and it was AMAZING. We all had an incredible time!


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