Top 25 Favorite Homeschool Items

by Lori on March 11, 2015

We are in our second year of homeschooling all 3 kiddos so I feel like I am starting to get a pretty good feel over what is working for us and what isn’t. Some days, the kids surprise me and what I once thought was working just isn’t happening. At least at that moment.


One thing that has pretty much remained the same is my favorite supplies. Those that were my favorite on day 1 are still my favorite two years later!


Here are my top 25 favorite homeschool supplies:

1. Laminator and Laminating Sheets– perfect for laminating handwriting sheets for the kids to practice over and over again with dry erase markers. Also great for making signs and labels last longer.

2. Dry Erase markers and Boards– Broad tip and fine tip markers all have their place in your school room. I prefer small boards that each kid can have and use at their desk.

3. Post it Notes and Flags– You can never have too many of these. Seriously. I should take stock in post it notes and flags!

4. Thinking Putty– This has been a great tool for my 8 year old. When I need to read to him I let him get out his thinking putty. This keeps his hands busy and his mind open and ready to listen. Instead of thinking about “sitting still and listening” He is actually listening to me while keeping his hands busy.

5. Clipboards– If you plan to do any schooling out of your school room, get some clip boards! We sometimes have to take our school work on the road and being able to slap it onto a clip board and go is a great thing!

6. Pencil Sharpeners- Good ones. Battery powered, electrical, and man powered. We have all 3. You can never have too many.

7. Good Pencils- While they are not pretty I am a big fan of the classic #2 yellow pencils. They last longer and I like the way the lead prints. Some kids work better with mechanical pencils. Whatever works for your child, make sure you have plenty of them!

8. Magnetic Letters and Numbers– I use these on our dry erase boards that are also magnetic. The kids can practice their spelling words and also basic math skills.

9. A Good Printer- I LOVE my printer. I can be surfing pinterest at night and find a great supplement for our lesson the next day and all I have to do is hit PRINT and it will be there in the morning when we wake up. I really recommend a good WIRELESS printer.

10. Sandbox.- I bought colored sand and a school supply box. Dump the sand into the box and allow your kiddos to practice their spelling words by writing the words in the sand with the eraser end of a pencil. Another fun way to practice spelling without having to do the same thing over and over.

11. Pinterest. Talk about the amazing resources you can find on pinterest. I have gotten a ton of ideas for lessons. Follow me on pinterest!

12. Kitchen Timers. My kids need to work for a bit and then take a brain break. We use kitchen timers for this. They work for 30-45 minutes depending on the subject and when the timer goes off they can get a 10-15 minute brain break. This gives them a chance to stretch and not feel so bogged down with work. You can go one step further and get a timer that not only has sound but a light. The light will be green until they have 5 minutes left and then it begins to flash orange. Once their time is up it will flash red and the alarm will sound. This timer is great for my son with ADD. Its visual for him and also has sound to alert him of his time.

13. Abacus- Great counting tool for younger kids. I bought mine at IKEA and it has been great for the kindergartener.

14. US/World Map.- We have both hanging on our school room walls. We use colored push pins to mark where we have traveled to as a family, as individuals, etc. It really helps the kids who are visual learners to see where the States and Continents are. My kids like looking at it and talking about planning our next trip.

15. Thirty-One Fold-n-File Boxes.- These are great if you give your kids their school work weekly. I put everything they need for school each week into these boxes. When they come into the school room they know they get into their box to see what they have to do for the week. I also use one on my desk that holds our home binder and more!

16. Netflix. – Netflix actually has a lot of great education shows! There is even a Homeschool with Netflix group on Facebook that you can join and get ideas for movies to go with your lessons.

17. Tablet.- Whether you like an apple or android platform I think a tablet is a must. I use a lot of apps for the kindergartener to help with his reading. Most apps are free at initial purchase and have in app purchases or you can upgrade.

18. Highlighters- I love to highlight things off my to do list and so do the kids! My 12 year old also likes to highlight things she reads that she believes to be important and could be tested on later. I recommend splurging. Do not get the $1 store highlighters. They just do not hold a candle to others.

19. A Planner.- If you are a planner like me, get yourself a good planner. One that can be combined for school work and kids activities. I use a desk calendar and a planner that is small enough to go into my purse. At the beginning of the month I make sure we are all squared away with what we have going on for the month.

20. 3 hole punch.- This is another item that I say to splurge on. I have been through a few of these and that is because I keep telling myself it is better to buy cheaper when it really isn’t/. I could of already bought a nice one for the amount of cheap ones I have had to replace.

21. Library Card.- A library card to your local library. This will surely be your kids favorite day of the week.

22. Diffuser and Essential oils.- The diffuser is ran in our school room every single day.Usually I always have clarity and motivation. Some days I will add brain power and lavender if needed. The kids love having the diffuser in the school room and love the smells.

23. Headphones.- If your child does any of their school on their computer, get them a pair of headphones. My two big kids have a typing program they use and the sounds can be distracting to myself and their little brother. This is another area that I say do not skimp on. The cheap ones can break easily.

24. Master Calendar.- This allows your younger kids to work on their calendar reading skills and it also lets your bigger kids see if there are any doctor appointments or field trips planned for the day or week!

25. Erasers.- Kids are going to make mistakes and I don’t know about your kids, but mine are constantly using the eraser on the end of their pencil which means soon there is no eraser left. I like the White Block Erasers and also the Click Erasers.



Well, that is my list of my favorite homeschool items. Is there anything you would add that is a must have for a new homeschooling family?


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