Travel Talk Thursday: Top 10 Must Haves for a Road Trip with Kids #travel #tips

by Lori on February 6, 2014

Welcome to Travel Talk Thursday!

This will be a new series on My Kinda Rain I am hoping to start up and keep going! I love talking travel and going to new places!

Today we are talking about Road Trips with kids and my top 10 must haves!



1. Small Cooler- This is to hold waters, juice boxes, and fruit! Trust me. Your kids are going to want to eat and drink when in the car! With a cooler you can have cold drinks ready and healthy cold snacks ready.

2. Snacks of course! If you have the cooler, this allows you to have healthier options instead of just the usual gas station pick ups of chips and candy bars! I like to pack apple slices, Wholly Guacamole packs and Preztel Chips.

3. DVD Player- Headphones- DVD’s-  If your car does not have a built in DVD player, I really recommend you get a portable one! This saved our sanity on the long car ride to Florida in 2009. Headphones allow the parents to skip the movie animation all together!

4. Extra battiers- For your headphones for the DVD Player, any hand held games you have brought, etc.

5. Travel magnet games- I love these little games! My kids favorite is tic tac toe!

6. Small pillows and blankets- My daughter is ALWAYS cold in the car! So we always keep a small fleece blanket in the van. When we travel we also bring small pillows for impromptu naps! My kids usually bring their pillow pets for this.

7. Coloring Books, Word Finds, etc.

8. A Change of Clothes with easy access to in the car- accidents happen! Have a set of clothes where you can easily get to them so you do not have to undo all the unpacking in the back of the car!

9. Straws/Napkins/Wipes/Trash Bag- Some food places forget to give you straws and napkins. Wipes because accidents happen and things can get sticky! Trash bag to keep the car nice and clean!

10. A Sense of Adventure! Riding with kids ANY distance can be an adventure! Enjoy it!

What are some of your Must Haves when traveling with kiddos in the car?

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