Tyson Family #MealsTogether Photo Contest

by Lori on May 23, 2014

 ** Disclosure: Tyson sent me Tyson coupons and a gift card for this review/post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Family meal time is big around our house. We do our best to eat as a family, even if that means eating a little later than I would like because hubby is stuck in traffic.

I really feel like family meal time is very important and plays a big role in how our kids end their days. We enjoy it because we finally get to sit all together and say, ” Hey, guess what we did today?”. My husband likes to ask the kids what they learned today and I always like to ask what their favorite thing about the day was. My favorite thing is when the weather starts to change and we have longer days and we can eat outside together. Eating outside on a patio is one of my absolute most favorite things about summer.


Sometimes, family dinners have to be done separately. On the way to our extra curricular activities and that is ok. You can still talk to your kids. Still be there. TALK to your kids. TALK to your spouse.



Tyson Foods is focused on family meal time, and how they can make it easier to bring families together. To celebrate meal time, they are hosting a #MealsTogether photo contest on their Facebook page. The premise behind the contest is simple – they’re asking fans to show what meal time looks like for their families (whenever and wherever!) by entering a photo into the contest. We are going to be giving away weekly prize packs, plus a grand prize of $1,500!


Tyson Foods wants to encourage you to enjoy your dinner together as a family, no matter where that may be. Inside. Outside. In the Car. On the beach. Snap a pic, upload it and you could win. More importantly, you will gain much more important time with those you care about most. Your family.


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