A Weekend of Broken Dreams from Broken Bones

by Lori on March 25, 2014

This past weekend we did our usual thing.


mpitchingThat’s my girl pitching.

M is on a travel team so our weekends are usually spent on the road traveling to ball fields for her to play.

Some people say we are running our kids into the ground, but this is the one thing she wants. She has been saying for years, “I am gonna play softball at Texas A&M!”. She WANTS this.

We were in Beaumont, TX this weekend. Unfortunately we were in the losers bracket which meant our game at 8am on Sunday was do or die for us.

Win to continue playing…lose and start the LONG drive home.

We were playing a team KNOWN for their size. They have a handful of girls that appear MUCH older than 12 years old and I am sure they are. This means they will probably be moving up to the 14U league very soon.

M caught a pop fly to get the first out in a long inning. Next, she caught a throw to first off a bunt. She was playing second so on a bunt, her job is to cover second. So she had the two outs that inning. We needed one more out so we could come in and hit and hopefully bring in some runs. There was a runner on first. She was almost 6ft tall. Big girl. She took off to steal second, M ran to second to get the throw down from catcher and to make the tag. I really thought the inning was over. I thought she had her! it was a gorgeous routine play. So routine. Simple play. She had her. Until M hit the ground and the ball came rolling out of her glove.

She collapsed to the ground, clutching her wrist and SCREAMING in pain.

I had no idea what had happened. I was celebrating the awesome play she made to get us out of that long heartbreaking inning.

Little did I know, the heartbreak was just beginning.

Once I realized what was going on I went down to the dugout area to wait for them to bring her in. I did not want to be one of those parents who rush to the field when their child goes down.

Once in the dugout, I had no idea how bad it was. I am usually one that can keep my cool with injuries so I was thinking, ” This is a bad bruise or sprain. No worries. I just need to get her calmed down.” Another mom helped me get ice on it and some Motrin in her system. We found out there was a nurse on staff at the tournament and they sent her over. I was still oblivious to what was happening. Again, I thought she would be fine and able to go out there again.

I was wrong. The nurse came and began her assessment. She looked at me and said, ” Look at her good wrist.” I did. Then she said, ” Look at this one.”

Duh mom. Big difference. Her left wrist was swollen big time. Luckily she could move her fingers but had some pain with it. The minute the nurse touched the wrist area she screamed in pain.

The nurse looked at me and said, ” She really needs a x-ray. I think this is a fracture or break.”

*heart sank*

I have had broken bones. I knew what it meant. Weeks…months out of the sport you love. Heartache.

We left the tournament and headed to the local ER center. X-rays were done and our worst fear was confirmed.

Torus Fracture.


Not a bad enough break to require surgery but enough to sideline her for at least 4 weeks.

*heart broken*


We were sent home with the x-rays and orders to see a orthopedist in 5-7 days. We were sent home with a VERY upset 11 year old when she heard the news of no ball for at least 4 weeks. No softball. No piano.


She is beyond devastated. Her life is softball. She loves this game more than anyone I know.

We ask for your prayers as we navigate these waters. We are scheduled to see ortho on Thursday so we will know much more after our appointment and we will of course update you guys.


Please pray for fast and easy healing.

Pray for patience for M. She is having a REALLY hard time with the “you must be super careful” part of this recovery. This child is use to running around non-stop and now she has to be “Still”. THIS is what I think will be the hardest part for her. The pain will be “Easy”. Losing her “freedom” is going to be difficult.



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Mel {MamaBuzz} March 25, 2014 at 3:23 pm

Oh Lori, I’m so sorry this happened. I’m saying a prayer for you all right now that healing can come quickly and that you’ll get a good report at the ortho.


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